Hampton VA Cares

Hampton VA CaresOn September 23, 2016, our great City came together in an effort to raise cancer awareness within our team and community. When we first began this movement, we figured we would see a handful of employees that had been affected by the disease, but as we pushed forward that number grew. Today, the "Fence of Hope" stands at the base of City Hall with 516 ribbons tied to its pickets. The ribbons represent friends, family members, Survivors, and those lost to the disease. You can only imagine the amount of tears (both happy and sad) that accompanied putting that fence together.

We are grateful to the Employee Council for hosting and helping us walk through the logistics of this event. We are grateful to Hampton's Heros and all of the wonderful medical vendors who came out just to support and spread valuable information.

We are grateful to Parks, Recreation, & Leisure Services and the wonderful volunteers of Social Services. Of course, we cannot forget the amazing work from Marketing Inc. who helped us gather names and announce information on the Employee Connection.

So many hands went into helping this event's success to include our City Manager's Office, Public Works, Hampton's Finest Fire Department, Hampton's Police Department, and my awesome team, Risk Management. I am so proud to be a part of them. Please, speak with your doctor or family physician today. Many of us have fought and won the battle, and together we can win the war !!!Please enjoy photos of the big day and the grand finale movie by clicking the links below:

You can get involved in bettering our organization by joining the Employee Council. The flyer is attached and if you have any questions, you can email the Employee Council.


Fence of Hope

The "Fence of Hope" symbolizes the hope that we have that there will one day be a cure for cancer. As we lead up to our Cancer Awareness event, a white picket fence will be placed in the lobby of City Hall. On that fence, we placed more than 500 ribbons in the name of city employees, their families and friends who have dealt with this disease.

Fence of Hope


Take a look at the stories from our fellow employees as they share their journeys.

 Chris Guthomson

Chris Guthomson of Parks Recreation, and Leisure Services shares his battle with cancer and gives a strong message to those who may be fearful of the screening process.

Mark White

Mark White of Risk Management delivers a message of hope, strength, and encouragement while walking with his father once again in an effort to move and educate our "work family" into getting screened. "Together we can win the War", you'll really enjoy the movie.