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Innovative Education Award Report Form

  1. Must be a school located in Hampton, Virginia
  2. Can be single day or longer.
  3. Project Type*
    Please Check All That Apply
  4. Number of students and adults who participated directly in the project, not as recipients of the program
  5. For example, minutes, hours, days. If an educational campaign took 5 days, 30 minutes at a time, it would be 2.5 hours.
  6. 1 large toter = 100 gallons; 1 regular toter = 68 gallons; 1 bag usually equals 30 gallons
  7. Please indicate whether flowers or trees
  8. For example, if 3rd graders go on a trash tour, it would be 70 students; if the same 3rd graders create a campaign to reduce cafeteria waste and visited every classroom to educate, the number might be 400.
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