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1. How can I reach your 3-1-1 Customer Call Center?
2. How can these Curb Drop Inlets (CDIs) and yard drains get blocked up and not flow properly?
3. What are Curb Drop Inlets (CDIs) and how do they fit into the drainage system?
4. What happens when the CDI or yard drain is blocked and cannot flow properly?
5. What if I find a broken CDI frame or top of a yard drain with a missing or broken grate?
6. Whom should I call to request repair of the grate or frame of a catch basin or yard drain, cleaning of a catch basin, or to report illegal dumping into a catch basin?
7. Who takes care of cleaning leaves and debris out of the CDIs and yard drains?
8. Why can't I dump trash, chemicals, oil, or other things into the CDIs or yard drains?