Why does Hampton sweep the streets?
Street sweeping is a part of our Storm Water Management Plan. Sweeping the streets removes tons of debris and litter that would otherwise end up in the Chesapeake Bay. It also keeps our neighborhoods cleaner and looking good.

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1. Can I rake my leaves or grass into the street for the sweeper to pick up?
2. Do I call for a street sweeper if there is debris in the street?
3. Does the city sweep parking lots?
4. How can I reach your 3-1-1 Customer Call Center?
5. How is street sweeping scheduled and what day is my neighborhood scheduled to be swept?
6. How should I prepare to have the area in front of my house swept?
7. What if my scheduled sweeping day falls on a day when severe weather like a hurricane or snow storm occurs?
8. Which streets are swept in the street sweeping program?
9. Whom should I call to either report small debris in the street or to report that the street sweeper missed sweeping my street?
10. Why does Hampton sweep the streets?