What is bulk trash and when is it collected?
Bulk trash is large items that will not fit into your garbage container such as furniture, sofas, window air conditioners, appliances, and mattresses. Bulk trash is collected on the same day as your regular garbage.

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1. Who should I call to report a missed bulk trash pick-up?
2. Why won’t the city pick up bulk trash in black bags?
3. What is my bulk trash collection day?
4. How are collections made when my scheduled day falls on a holiday?
5. How can I reach your 3-1-1 Customer Call Center?
6. What is bulk trash and when is it collected?
7. Can I put out bags of loose trash to be picked up by the bulk trash truck?
8. Why can't I put out windows, doors with glass, window panes or glass shower doors out for collection?
9. Can I put building materials out for bulk trash collection?
10. When can I put bulk trash out for collection?
11. Should I put my bulk trash in a particular place at the curb?
12. Why do I need to provide space between my bulk trash and other items out for collection?
13. Do I have to take the door off my refrigerator or freezer for bulk trash collection?
14. What about the refrigerant in air conditioners, freezers, or refrigerators?
15. Where is the city landfill?