How can I get rid of or control rats in my yard?
This four step program to eliminate rodents can be effective in getting rid of rats:
  • Prevent rats from entering your home by repairing openings with a material such as sheet metal or hardware cloth.
  • Remove any sources of food for rats by storing food, especially pet food, in tightly sealed containers; place all garbage in an undamaged container with a lid; remove any uneaten pet food after feeding your animals; and remove all pet droppings from your yard every day.
  • Remove all hiding places for rats such as piles of trash and garbage; objects stored outside, such as fire wood, should be 12 to 18 inches off the ground to prevent burrowing; and cut grass and brush to remove cover for rats and discourage their activity.
  • Eliminate rats with traps placed in the runway for best results. Peanut butter, hot dogs, or bacon makes good rat bait. When using a rat poison it must be placed where it cannot be reached by children, pets, or any animals other than rats or mice. Always carefully read and follow all label directions on any rat bait or poison purchased.

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3. How can I get rid of or control rats in my yard?
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