What type of larvicide is used in the program?
A variety of products are used today to control mosquito larvae. They include surface oils, insect growth regulators, naturally occurring bacteria, fish, nematodes (small worms that are parasites of larvae), and various other chemical agents. The choice of which larvicide to use will depend on a number of factors including the type and size of the habitat in which the larvae are found, the species of mosquito, availability of mosquito control personnel, and the type of application equipment on hand.

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1. Does the city spray larvicide for mosquitoes?
2. Why does the city want to control the immature mosquitoes?
3. When does the larvicide program take place?
4. What type of larvicide is used in the program?
5. Are the spray flights the same as the larvicide program?
6. Do the spray flights kill all of the adult mosquitoes?
7. Is the spray used in the spray flight program safe for people and pets?
8. Who should I call with questions concerning mosquito control?