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Posted on: April 12, 2019

Divergence: Native and Colonial Histories Symposium - Saturday, May 11, 2-6 pm

News Flash Watercolor drawing Indian Village of Pomeiooc by John White

As a lead-up to Hampton Heritage Day 2019, join us for  "Divergence: Native and Colonial Histories," a symposium exploring the region’s early history from Indigenous and European perspectives.
Native leaders and historians meet to discuss life before European arrival as well as first contact and early histories of culture and conflict.  This program will delve into both the Native traditions and written European histories of Native America, with a special focus on contrasting Indigenous and English perspectives on the pivotal events at Kecoughtan between 1607 and 1610.  

The symposium will comprise three sessions:
1) Indigenous World Origins - Native Americans from Algonkian, Iroquois, and Sioux nations will discuss Indigenous life in the greater Hampton Roads area before European colonization.  The panel will explore Native America’s origins, culture, presence, and inter-tribal networks, all from a Native perspective.

2) Rival World Views -  A local example of rival world views can be found in the story of John Smith spending Christmas with the Kicotan Indians in 1608, the first recorded Christmas in English America, is familiar to many in Hampton.  But what was the purpose of John Smith’s voyage, and why did the Kicotan Indians welcome the English crew?  Historians and Native speakers re-examine the controversial history of one of Hampton’s most well-known historical events.  This session will explore how very different Native and European viewpoints shaped interactions in the Virginia colony’s infancy.

3) 1610:  The English Attack on Kicotan -  On July 9, 1610, the Virginia Company attacked Kicotan, killing several Natives and expelling the survivors from the land that became Hampton.  This discussion will explore the Native and English perspectives of the attack and the First Anglo-Powhatan War (1609-1614), what happened to the surviving Kicotans, and why the attack was a turning point in Native and Colonial history.

Admission is free. This symposium is sponsored by the Hampton 2019 Commemorative Commission.

The Hampton History Museum is located at 120 Old Hampton Lane in Downtown Hampton. There is free parking in the garage across the street from the museum. For more information call 757-727-1102.

Image: Watercolor drawing "Indian Village of Pomeiooc" by John White (created 1585-1586). 

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