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Posted on: April 10, 2017

HRT's Peninsula Fixed Guideway Transit Corridor Study project summary


April 10, 2017 - Since it began in March of 2016, the City of Hampton has been engaged, along with the City of Newport News, in Hampton Road Transit’s (HRT)’s Peninsula Fixed Guideway Transit Corridor Study. This study is a long range transportation planning effort that could have a major impact on transit and development on the Peninsula. 

“Fixed Guideway Transit” refers to transit vehicles operating in a fixed right-of-way; fixed guideway vehicles can include light rail, streetcar, or Bus Rapid Transit. Implementing fixed guideway transit on the Peninsula has the potential to greatly improve travel times, provide more cost effective service, and support local land use plans.

In May of 2016, the study held its first round of public meetings. Participants were asked to provide their views on what needed to be improved in local mass transit service, and to map generally where high capacity transit corridors should be built on the Peninsula. This information was combined with input from Hampton and Newport News city staff to create 18 Tier 1 “Alternatives” or routes. The consulting team then put these 18 routes through a rigorous screening process, testing each one to see how effective it would be in meeting the project’s stated goals.

From the initial pool of 18 Tier 1 Alternatives, six with the most potential were selected to be advanced to Tier 2. The purpose of Tier 2 is to examine the selected routes in much greater detail; determine how much they would cost, how much ridership they would generate, how they would be built into the existing street network and, most importantly, determine if they would meet requirements to obtain Federal funding.  The process may involve making adjustments to each route to improve their ridership or reduce their cost.

The results of this second evaluation will be revealed to the general public at the next round of community meetings, scheduled for early June. At that time, stakeholders will help city staff and the general public identify the final, preferred for developing High Capacity Transit on the Peninsula. The summary of the project can be found on the HRT website, here.

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