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Jan 29

City Manager Message: Winter Weather Update/Thursday Status

Posted on January 29, 2014 at 10:04 PM by Mary Bunting

I am sending you, below, a copy of the news release that is being sent out to the media and posted on our web site. This release provides an excellent summary of the status of our emergency operations to date.

Because temperatures will be below freezing all evening and into the morning, we have decided to open Hampton two hours late on Thursday, and our liberal leave policy will remain in effect. Our public works crews have done a great job given the amount of snow that fell in Hampton. Nevertheless, we have chosen to err on the side of safety as we expect the below freezing temperatures will result in icy conditions in the morning. Additionally, while the city’s main roads are largely clear, the high volume of snow has left residential streets icy with packed snow. 

The temperature will drop overnight to about 18 degrees, but late Thursday should warm to a little above freezing -- 33 degrees.
Hampton received about 8 inches of snow Tuesday evening and into Wednesday morning. Including pretreating the roads before the snow fell, road crews have dropped 300 tons of salt and 20,000 gallons of brine in the city’s main roads. They are continuing to treat all arterial roads throughout the night and into tomorrow. Crews remain on 12-hour shifts.

By late afternoon Wednesday, many of the biggest roads, such as Mercury Boulevard, were nearly clear. Others have at least some clear lanes. Many still have some patches of ice or snow. A byproduct of plowing the main roads is that removed snow is pushed to the side -- sometimes making it difficult to enter some side roads.

Since the storm began, Hampton Police have responded to more than 155 storm-related complaints, and Hampton Fire Department has handled 10. The bulk of them were Wednesday. Both departments have extra staff on duty.

Hampton City Schools announced they would remain closed Thursday. Hampton courts are also closed. HRT will not resume bus service until Friday.

The HELP Night's Welcome shelter for the homeless is currently located at First Presbyterian Church at514 South Armistead Avenue. They remained open all day Wednesday, providing service to the homeless and are open again Wednesday night.

Trash and recycling pickup for the rest of the week will be delayed by a day (at least). However, residents should put their cans to the curb at the regular time in case some routes can be collected. The Hampton Yard Waste site next to the landfill will remain closed on Thursday.

I hope you find this information beneficial.



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