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Jan 22

Manager's Message: Liberal Leave Authorized with Approval from Supervisors/Department Heads

Posted on January 22, 2016 at 12:35 PM by Dacia Walker

As you can see, Hampton is now experiencing snowfall. Based upon the latest information from the National Weather Service, we can expect the snow to continue to fall for several hours with a change to a mix of rain, sleet and snow in the late afternoon hours. We are expected to transition to all rain overnight. Temperatures are expected to remain around 32 degrees throughout the day and then rise after sunset.

Public Works has pretreated all of our main roads so they should remain safe. However, because the snow is starting to stick and I realize that some employees do not feel comfortable driving in these type of conditions, I am authorizing liberal leave for non-emergency, non-essential storm personnel. As a reminder, liberal leave must be approved by your supervisory team and/or department head.

In case you are interested, we expect snow again tomorrow evening as well. Current projections call for a transition from rain to a rain snow mix in the later afternoon with a change to all snow later in the evening. Snow will fall all evening into Sunday morning; however, we have been told that the snow will not be as heavy as today.

Although I do not expect the weather to be a problem by Monday, as a reminder, if we do decide to delay openings or make closures of any city facilities, we will alert the media and 311. I will also try to alert employees through an email communication. If you have any questions about work status, please feel free to call 311. They will have all current information on delays and closures. 

Please remain safe whatever time you leave work today. Although our Public Works team has taken all precautionary steps, other drivers who do not take the extra caution needed in these winter conditions can be problematic. 

Thanks to all who are working in this weather to keep our community safe!



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