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Feb 20

City Manager's Message 02/19/15: Winter Weather Friday Status Update & Special Thanks

Posted on February 20, 2015 at 8:37 AM by Mary Bunting

Friday Update:

Just wanted to send a quick update - city operations will return to a normal schedule tomorrow. Because schools will still be closed, we will offer liberal leave to those who continue to need or prefer it.

I have noted the work of our Public Works team over the last several emails, and continue to be thankful for their dedication and great work. However, I wanted to share the following email I received from one of the Public Works employees today.

Good Morning Mrs. Bunting, 

I don’t want to take up much your time but I feel that it is important that you know this. I have been with the City of Hampton a little over eleven years now and worked as a plow driver to a crew leader and now charged with shift supervisor during a snow event currently working day shift. This year and without anyone asking we have had at least six police officers (working overtime) to assist public works snow teams night and day. This has been an immense help to our production and to the safety of our citizens that we are here to serve. I wanted to ask of you a favor if you get the time could you please thank the one responsible possibly Chief T. Sult  and the police officers. I know you are very busy but a thank you from you would mean so much. 

Thank you for your time and leadership. 

You will note that this employee wanted to highlight the assistance provided by our Police Division in support of their work. I am glad this employee took the time to write me and ask that I publicly recognize this outstanding cooperation. Hampton is a unique city in that collaboration and support across departmental lines is a common thing, as opposed to a rarity as it is in many other places. Sometimes, we inadvertently take this spirit of collaboration and cooperation for granted. Please join me, and all of Public Works, in recognizing and thanking our Police Division for their support of the Public Works team during their snow detail operations. All of you make us proud!



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