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Feb 18

City Manager's Message 02/17/15: UPDATE Weather Closure Information

Posted on February 18, 2015 at 9:44 PM by Mary Bunting

A quick update about tomorrow...

Public Works did a fantastic job of cleaning our major roads and thoroughfares today. However, we do expect some icing of roads to occur overnight, and residential streets remain challenging. Accordingly, and in the interest of safety, we have decided to delay opening city offices and facilities by two hours (10 a.m.). This will give our Public Works team extra time to both continue their clearing our streets and ensure that city building parking lots are safe for employees. 

Because schools will be closed tomorrow, we are offering liberal leave for employees who may need to stay at home with school aged children and/or for those employees who do not feel comfortable driving in snowy conditions even with the delay. Please be sure to coordinate use of liberal leave with your supervisor and/or department head if this is an option you choose to exercise. 

I hope all who stayed home today enjoyed special time with family and friends. Again, I want to thank all of our Public Works, Police, Fire, 911, 311 and other emergency management personnel who worked to keep us safe last night and today, as well as to those who will be doing so again tonight. Please stay warm and safe!



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