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Feb 17

City Manager's Message 02/16/15: Winter Weather Closure Information

Posted on February 17, 2015 at 12:05 AM by Mary Bunting

Just a quick update for those of you who access city email during the evenings or early mornings...

As you know, snow has been coming down for several hours now, and it is expected to do so until the early hours of the morning. Icing is also expected to occur. Despite the best work of our phenomenal Public Works team, our best guidance is for people to stay off the roads unless absolutely necessary. 

Based upon the advice of all our public safety and public works teams on the ground, we believe it is best to close all non-emergency essential operations and facilities tomorrow. If you have any question as to your status, please confirm with your supervisor and/or department head. Our Human Resources Director will send out detailed instructions as to how to account for time for all categories of employees given this closure in the near future.

We rarely close city operations. However, the safety of our employees and residents is of paramount importance. Given the unusual level of snow for our area, we felt this to be the best course for this event. 

I urge everyone to be cautious if you must travel on the roads. Despite the round-the-clock efforts of our excellent team, the snow comes down faster than it can be cleared and the low temperatures contribute to freezing conditions as well. 

Many thanks to those employees who must drive in the snow - either to work to clear it or to respond to emergency calls. We are all very grateful that you are willing to serve and protect our community!



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