Preservation Project

What It Is

The Virginia Department of Transportation, by previous agreement, is in the process of creating 52 acres of wetland to replace wetlands that were disturbed as a result of local highway construction projects. A dam is being constructed across a portion of Crystal Lake. Water has been pumped out and the area backfilled to prescribed elevations. The area is now being planted with wetland vegetation.

Defining Wetland

As the name indicates, water covers wetlands for some portion of the year. Wetlands provide an important function in acting as a natural filter to help remove impurities from water. They also act as giant sponges that are capable of soaking up excess rainfall and thereby prevent flooding of surrounding area.

Wetlands are immensely important as wildlife habitat. They generally contain a number of diverse habitats, which support a great variety of plant, animal and insect life. The importance of wetlands to the overall health of the general environment cannot be overstated.

For More Information

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