Waste Watchers

Group of peopleWhat It Is

The Hampton Clean City Commission (HCCC) is a Hampton Waste Watchers Committee partner with Hampton Parks and Recreation, Hampton Public Works, Virginia Cooperative Extension, Virginia Peninsulas Public Service Authority and citizen volunteers. The group promotes and sponsors solid waste education activities within the City of Hampton to encourage residents to participate effectively in Hampton's integrated solid waste management program.

Premier Project

The premier project undertaken by the committee is the semiannual Tour de Trash, which is offered in the fall and spring. The tour takes participants to many of the solid waste management facilities used by the city and includes businesses and governmental agencies that undertake notable waste recycling and reduction efforts. The purpose of the tour is to show residents how the choices they make in regard to their solid waste disposal can make a significant difference for our community and to provide an overview of current solid waste issues. Register for the upcoming Tour de Trash.

For More Information

For more information, please contact the HCCC:
By phone at (757) 727-1130
By fax at (757 726-6980
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