Litter & Recycling Awareness

Litter & Recycling Awareness Committee

Litter is such a common sight that people don't even see it. Yet as a nation we've made tremendous strides in reducing litter and setting up systems to keep our communities clean. The Hampton Clean City Commission's Litter Awareness Committee works to Keep Hampton Beautiful by encouraging community participation in educating others about litter prevention and in cleaning up the litter that is deposited in the city.


Committee activities include:

  • Encouraging litter-free events
  • Overseeing the Commission's Adopt-A-Spot Program
  • Promoting litter awareness through displays, presentations and educational materials
  • Participating in the annual Community Appearance Index that measures litter and other community appearance issues

Litter Fact Sheets

Browse through these facts from Keep America Beautiful:

For More Information

For more information about litter and litter prevention visit Keep America Beautiful Inc.