Hampton Clean & Green Business Award


The Clean & Green Businesses Committee sponsors the Hampton Clean Business Award program. The purpose of the program is to encourage community businesses to maintain their respective premises and surrounding areas in a clean, litter-free, environmentally sound manner and to practice wise stewardship of the resources their workplace use. The program also encourages community businesses to participate in recycling of materials. (The city does not require business recycling.)

Reasons for Clean & Green Businesses

Clean, well-maintained, green businesses attract more customers, decrease overhead costs, make work areas more productive and safe for employees, set an example for the public, and give the City of Hampton a more professional look which should result in profit for all of those involved.

Key Points

The key points of the Clean Business Award are:
  • Any and all businesses are eligible. (i.e. individual, shopping centers / malls, apartment complexes, service stations, fast food chains, car dealerships, banks, military installations, hospitals, schools.)
  • Awards are presented on a quarterly basis, typically by a City Council representative and the business site is posted with the "Hampton Clean & Green Business" award sign which is retained for 30 or more days.
  • Members of the Clean and Green Businesses Committee are responsible for locating and selecting a business for this award. The public is invited to nominate a business / workplace for this award.
  • Selection is based on the business's ability to control trash; clean loading docks; efforts to provide public trash receptacles; having knowledge of and abiding by litter ordinances of the community; beautification efforts through building construction, repair or landscaping; and its recycling and waste reduction efforts.