Steps 1 Through 4

Step 1 - Physical Ability Testing

A Physical Ability Test is given to determine if the applicant is physically suited for a career in Law Enforcement. Physical Training attire is required (shorts, T-shirt, sneakers). Be sure to bring any corrective lenses you may need for the vision test (contact lenses or glasses).

Step 2 - Written Examination (Police Officer Selection Test)

A comprehensive examination is given that tests the applicant's ability in the following areas:

  • Grammar
  • Math
  • Reading comprehension
  • Writing skills

Step 3 - Personal Interview

The application is reviewed in depth with the applicant. The applicant may be disqualified or rejected at this phase.

Step 4 - Oral Interview Board

An oral interview panel evaluates each applicant based on their responses to set questions. By combining Oral Board scores with points from the Personal Interview, a final ranking of each applicant is made.