About the Job

Being a Police Officer in Hampton

If you feel you would like to be a vital part of the Hampton Police Division and make a difference to your community, please take a minute to become familiar with the job of Hampton Police Officer.

We feel it is important to present you with a realistic description of the job and its duties so you can decide for yourself if the position is truly one you may have an interest in and the ability to do well.

Please read this before starting the selection process for Police Officer.

As a Police Officer with the City of Hampton, you will be required to perform a large variety of tasks that require "learned skills." You will be taught many of these skills in the Academy while other skills you will bring with you to the position.

What follows is a realistic overview of the types of tasks required of all Hampton Police Officers. They are intended to give you a better understanding of the job and allow you to determine your willingness and ability to perform the job on a daily basis.

This list is not intended to cover every task required of a Police Officer: