Career Officer Program

Role & Responsibilities

The Career Officer Program is an assignment to a position carrying greater responsibility or expertise, and a pay increase, without a change in pay grade. This would be an upgrade to senior police officer (3% increase) then master police officer (additional 5% increase).

Eligibility for Senior Police Officers

Eligibility for senior police officers (SPO) includes a 3% increase in pay and is based on at least an overall rating of "achieved" on the annual performance evaluation. SPO elects must participate in at least one community event, be qualified in at least one specialty, such as K-9, field training instructor, defensive tactics instructor, general instructor etc. and must also be qualified in two competencies such as basic crime scene investigator, bike certification, fatal accident investigator etc.

Eligibility for Master Police Officer

Eligibility for master police officer (MPO) is a 5% increase in pay and is given after at least three years of consecutive service as a senior police officer. MPO elects must have received at least a "surpassed expectations" on their latest annual performance evaluation and participated in at least two community events. They must also have a minimum of three specialties such as K-9, field training instructor, firearms instructor, marine patrol, or school recourse officer etc, and have at least three competencies such as radar certification, dive team, MRT, SWAT, hostage negotiator, etc.

Maintaining Eligibility

Because the SPO and MPO positions are awarded and carry a higher status, all certifications and qualifications must be kept up and maintained or officers may be released from the program. An exception to this is if the division has placed an officer in a position that they are unable to maintain their certifications / qualifications.

For More Information

For more information, email us or call the Hampton Police Division Recruiting and Personnel Unit at 757-727-6586.