Police Cadet Program

Description of the Program

Local high school graduates between the ages of 18 and 21 are given the opportunity to evaluate the law enforcement profession and accomplish police related tasks by entering into the division’s cadet program. Employment offers training and experience which results in the opportunity to apply for the position of police patrol officer.


  • Provides high school graduates with the opportunity to explore a career in law enforcement through full-time, hands-on, paid training
  • Provides training on the normal operating procedures of the division and the inter-relationship of the various phases of police work
  • Provides the division with the opportunity to evaluate the cadet’s suitability to perform law enforcement duties
  • Offers the candidate an opportunity to make application for the position of police patrol officer upon reaching his/her 21st birthday.

For more information, please email the Chief’s office or call 757-727-2260.