School Resource Officer

Officer Standing at the Front of a Classroom - Students Seated at Desks

School Resource Officer Unit

School Resource Officers are assigned to Hampton City Public Schools and are responsible for creating a safe and secure learning environment. Officers advocate quality communication and positive interaction between law enforcement, students, and school administration. They provide classroom instruction on topics such as; laws, personal safety, bullying, gang activity, drug awareness, and other topics requested by teachers or administrators. The school resource officers strive to resolve disputes through finding alternatives to arrest and detention. This unit also consists of two officers who are assigned to concentrate their efforts on truancy enforcement, drug detection and prevention, explosive detection to include firearms, and strict enforcement surrounding school properties. The truancy officer works closely with the schools court liaison; assisting with attendance problems. The canine officer communicates regularly with the school administration and school resource officers to provide explosive and narcotic searches as requested or when needed.


The resource officer will not be responsible for the day to day discipline of students. Responsibilities of the school resource officer include:

  • Provide or coordinate the provision of classroom instruction on law enforcement-related topics.
  • Assist elementary school administrators with the student safety patrol program.
  • Perform other related duties as required to ensure successful completion of the division's mission.
  • Maintain a working knowledge of juvenile law and school administrative policies. Enforce laws and ordinances relating to schools and juveniles.
  • Establish and maintain a working partnership with school administrators. Provide information to school administrators, division personnel and other school resource officers as needed.
  • Establish and maintain a rapport with students. Provide guidance to students and parents seeking assistance with law enforcement concerns. Make referrals to other agencies such as Social Services or Intake when appropriate.
  • Assist school administrators in identifying crime trends related to their vertical team schools.
  • Apply alternative means to resolving conflict in lieu of arrest when appropriate.
  • Coordinate with Hampton City Schools to identify priorities.
  • Attend various school functions such as athletic events and dances during and after school hours.

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