Officer Friendly

Officer in Classroom with Children Seated

The Officer Friendly Program is designed to create a dynamic relationship between the police and grade school children. The children are instructed on basic crime prevention techniques such as; stranger danger, emergency 911, conflict resolution, bicycle safety, bus safety, internet safety, and our Newest Program GREAT. The fifth grade students receive education on gangs and their effects on the community as well as choosing friends wisely. This well received program supports the mission of both the Hampton Police Division and Hampton City Schools

 Officer Friendly Program Mission

  • Educate students how to cope with dangers in their environment.
  • Assist students in understanding their rights, responsibilities and obligations as citizens.
  • Educate students how to interact with the community and other ethical issues when appropriate.
  • Provide classroom instruction for students on law enforcement, personal safety, bullying, and gang related activities and identification.

For more information, please email Hampton Police or call 757-727-6375.