Community Policing

Community Policing Centers & Field Offices

In an effort to involve citizens in solving their community problems instead of relying one hundred percent on the Police, the Hampton Police Division created the Community Policing Centers and Field Office Program. These centers provide a centralized means of communication by allowing Uniform Patrol to be based in identified problematic communities. By increasing police visibility in these neighborhoods, the Division is working on creating a solid foundation in order to build a sound police/citizen partnership in these high incidence areas.


The Community Policing Centers and Field Office Program provides district officers and investigators with centralized locations to go to complete reports, make follow-up phone calls, and hold meetings. The random use of these offices adds an increased deterrence to the increased police visibility at these locations. The development of this program was in response to citizen concern about high rates of crime, and as an effort to reduce the fear of being victimized in these targeted communities. Evaluations of the program have shown decreases in crime rates, reduction in the fear of crime, and improved police / citizen relations.


  • Increase police visibility through random visits by Police Officers to Field Offices in high crime areas
  • Reduce the level of fear and create a sense of safety and security
  • Involve citizens in solving their community problems in an effort to improve the quality of life in targeted neighborhoods
  • Build a sound police / citizen partnership to facilitate the effective exchange of information

For more information, please email the Chief’s Office or call 757-727-6510.