Burglary Prevention Tips

These Simple Tips May Prevent You from Being a Victim

  • Make sure all doors and windows are secured before leaving.
  • When you're going to be gone, leave your TV and / or radio on to make your home appear occupied.
  • Use a secondary blocking device on all sliding glass doors such as locking pin, charley bar, or wood / metal rod.
  • Use highly visible alarm decals or a "Beware of Dog" decal (even if you do not have either). Remember, you want to deter the crime.
  • Keep bushes, trees, and shrubbery trimmed back so that no one can hide behind them.
  • If you're going to be gone at night make sure your porch lights are on.
  • Advise the City of Hampton if any of your street lights are not working by calling 311.
  • Start a neighborhood watch group by contacting the Community Relations Unit at 757-727-6574.
  • Keep a written record of the serial numbers on all high dollar items.
  • Contact the Hampton Police Division to have a home security survey conducted at no cost.