Hampton Shelter Guidelines

Shelter Information

Hampton has several buildings designated as potential shelters during disasters. Most are schools or other public buildings. Decisions about which to open and when are made and publicized, along with other emergency information when a disaster threatens. When a hurricane is approaching, we may open multiple shelters equipped with generators that have capacity for pets and medical monitoring; during a smaller, isolated incident (snowstorm with power outages), we may open a temporary day shelter. If shelters are opened and a resident needs transportation or assistance, call 311;  911 if it's an emergency. In the event of a large evacuation, the city will utilize school buses and post instructions.

Evacuation and shelter updates will be posted in the News Flash on the city's main page, as well as this page, and social media. You can subscribe to get emergency information sent you to via email or text here. TV and radio stations will also update information. Hampton also has an agreement with WHOV, 881. FM, to broadcast the city's emergency information.

Tips for Using Hampton Shelters

  • If at all possible make arrangement to stay with a friend or relative.
  • Do not attempt to seek refuge in a shelter unless notified by authorities that it has been opened.
  • Listen to advice on evacuation and leave promptly when advised to do so.
  • Recognize that a public shelter's primary function is to provide a roof over your head. Food and blankets may not always be available.
  • Bethel High School is our designated pet-friendly shelter. Other shelters are not equipped or staffed for pet sheltering. Weapons and alcoholic beverages are not allowed in a shelter. Circumstances may also require a ban on cigarettes or cigar smoking.
  • Wherever you go, take provisions with you. Remember, you are not a guest, you are a refugee. Help others in a shelter any way you can.
  • Shelters will be established only as an emergency and temporary means of caring for people who cannot find refuge elsewhere.

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