Sewer Mapping

Sewer mapping is physically locating and plotting the sewer lines in the city. It is being done to locate all the pipes, make design and engineering of new sewer lines easier, and will make locating lines that are blocked faster for the stoppage crews.

We use existing drawings, field verification of locations, and the global positioning satellite system to locate all manhole and value points. Once all this data is collected we can simply connect the points to determine location and flow within the sewer system. Once completed it will be another piece of the City of Hampton's geographic Information system database.

Follow this link to a map that also shows sewer line location

(You can also see other utility layers)

Future Plans

After we finish mapping the public sewer system we want to map the private lines as well. It will be beneficial to have that information when it comes to engineering, design, and maintenance of the sewer system for the city and the commercial properties.

You can contact Wastewater Operations at (757) 727-8410 for further information.