Street Sweeping

Why does the City of Hampton sweep streets?
Street sweeping is part of the stormwater management plan to keep waterways clean. Street sweepers remove 15 tons of debris from Hampton's streets every day that would otherwise end up in the Chesapeake Bay. Report debris online or by calling 727-8311. Operators are available 7 a.m.-11 p.m. seven days a week.

 The street sweeping schedule
The schedule separates city streets into four areas, and different streets in each area are swept based on the day of the week during the month - Monday, Tuesday Wednesday or Thursday. Friday is a make-up day for holidays and other changes. If there is severe weather on your sweeping day your street will be swept the following month.

 How is the street sweeping schedule determined?
The Streets and Roads Division maintains 16 routes that cover about 350 miles of residential streets each year. To find out when your street will be swept you can dial the 3-1-1 Call Center, check a color-coded map (PDF) or use the city's new Geographic Information System.

Here's how the GIS works:

  1. go to the city's GIS website (link below)
  2. Fill in your street address and "hit" search
  3. Select your address
  4. Select the "City Resources" tab to find out when your streets will be swept

Get started by going to the city's GIS website

Frequently asked questions

Can I rake my leaves and grass into the street for the street sweeper to pick up? 
No, leaves and grass are only collected by Solid Waste in clear plastic bags. Sweeping leaves and grass into the street is a violation of the city ordinance, can cause flooding if the curb and gutter gets blocked, and is unsightly in the neighborhood.

How should I prepare to have the front of my house swept?
Make sure that your garbage can, recycling bin, any vehicles you have, basketball goals, bulk trash, bags of leaves, or other items are not in the street so that the sweeper can sweep all the way to the curb. Items can be damaged if left in the street and the sweeper operator cannot do a complete job sweeping around these items.

Which streets and parking lots are swept?
All arterial and residential streets that have curbs and gutters are swept once a month. Streets without curb and gutter are not swept in the program, nor are private streets. The City will only sweep city-owned parking lots. All private parking lots, private streets, shopping centers, and commercial or business properties are swept by private companies.

Will my alleyway be swept?
The City will not maintain any alleyways unless houses front them and they are used as the primary entrance point to the home.