Bridges & Overpasses

The Streets and Roads Division maintains all bridges in the city except bridges that cross I-64 or I-664, which are maintained by the state.

To voice your concerns about bridges and overpasses, report graffiti, or street lights that need repair, please dial 3-1-1, call 727-8311, or use our online form.


What is the bridges maintenance schedule?

All 39 bridges in the City are inspected at least once every two years and cleaned on an as needed basis.

Why can I fish from some bridges and not from others?

On some bridges the sidewalks are not wide enough for pedestrians to walk by fishermen safely and avoid traffic. On other bridges there is simply no safe place to fish and still be out of the way of vehicle traffic.

Who is responsible for maintaining seawalls and shorelines?

The individual property owner is responsible for the maintenance or repair of their own seawall or shoreline area. Also, a permit is required for most repairs, so check with Central Permits before starting any repairs.