Environmental Services

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Hampton's Environmental Services Division is dedicated to helping citizens enjoy the outdoors in safe and environmentally-friendly surroundings. The Division is divided into five categories: Pest Control Operations, Stormwater Management Facility Inspections, Illicit Discharge Screening, NewMarket Creek Inspections and Stormwater Emergency Response.

Need help?

Contact the Customer Call Center at 311 (727-8311 from a cell phone). Or, use the Request a Service form to:

  • Request an adult mosquito survey
  • Request a larvae survey.
  • Request a truck to spray for adult mosquitos in a section of the city (all area spraying by trucks is based on adult mosquito CDC light trap counts).
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  1. Residents encouraged to 'tip and toss' to help reduce the area's mosquito population

    May 7, 2019 - Hampton’s Public Works division is encouraging residents to “tip and toss” to help combat mosquitoes this summer! Mosquitoes can breed in buckets, children’s toys and just about anywhere else that can hold a few teaspoons of water. Read on...