Engineering Services

Roles & Responsibilities

Engineering Services has primary responsibility for managing the city's capital improvement projects, including the planning, design and construction management of public buildings, streets, utilities, storm water facilities and recreational facilities. Engineering Services also provides general engineering support and infrastructure planning for city departments, plans review for public improvements within subdivisions and commercial sites, and coordination of activities with utility companies, the Virginia Department of Transportation, and other federal, state, and local government agencies.

More Information

  • Capital improvement projects or subdivision and site plan requirements - Contact Engineering Interim City Engineer McCord Newsome at (757) 727-8311.
  • Property lines, rights of way, maps or plat copies - Contact Technical Services Supervisor Tom Crispell at (757) 727-6346
  • General information regarding staff or services provided by the department - Contact staff assistance at (757) 727-6346
  • Flooding and flood safety: Hampton's low-lying geography and many waterways make much of the city susceptible to flooding. Get more information on tidal flooding, floodplain maps, surge zones and flood insurance.


Staff can provide a wealth of services to aid departments in their decision-making, including information on infrastructure planning, environmental impact and surveying services, and assistance with issues related to property ownership. Engineering Services can provide construction cost estimates, construction management services, field surveying, mapping, drafting, and general engineering consultation. Engineering Services consists of a team of engineers, surveyors, technicians and administrative staff organized under the city engineer.

Engineering Section

The engineering section is responsible for infrastructure planning, engineering design and plans review of public infrastructure improvements.

Technical Section

The technical section provides surveying, drafting, customer service support and administrative services as well as supplying information to citizens and outside agencies.