Traffic Engineering and Operations

Buckroe Beach Traffic Improvement

The Traffic Engineering and Operations Division is responsible for the design, installation, maintenance, and repair of traffic control devices throughout the City of Hampton, including signs, traffic signals, City-maintained street lights, and pavement markings. The division also coordinates with Dominion Energy in the installation and design of street lights, requests for new lights, and reporting outages for the City’s Dominion-maintained street lights.

Please help us to address your reports promptly and efficiently by providing your contact information on your 311 requests. By including your contact information, Public Works can provide updates or get clarification on reports that require immediate attention.

Traffic Cameras

VDOT offers cameras at key intersections in Hampton and throughout the state. You can view them on VDOT's website. The City of Hampton will be installing new traffic cameras at the beginning of 2023 and these cameras will be visible on VDOT’s website.

Note that VDOT cameras are intended to provide real-time traffic information. VDOT does not record traffic camera footage. Since these cameras are live and do not record, footage from the past is not available.

Oversized or Over-Height Vehicles and Loads

For information regarding oversized or over-height vehicles and loads, please review the Moving and Hauling Policy Manual below. The manual provides detailed information about the permits necessary for hauling in the city, including limitations to weight, width, height, and length of objects and vehicles.

 Traffic Counts/Studies

In coordination with VDOT, the Hampton Traffic Engineering and Operations Division regularly collects traffic volume data at more than 175 locations on arterial and collector streets throughout the city. These figures are collected at a minimum of every 2 years at each listed location. Traffic counts are collected using tube counters and automated collection systems. For more information, view the Hampton Traffic Counts Report.

The numbers listed represent average daily (24-hour) traffic volume at selected points along the identified street section. These counts reflect the number of vehicles that pass through a given point daily, in both directions. This information is used for re-timing of traffic signals, analyzing current road conditions, and identifying future transportation improvement needs.