Hampton Real Estate Property Information

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The Office of the Assessor of Real Estate provides real estate assessments and other property information to the public through a website known as the Real Estate Property Information Search. This database also includes information provided by the offices of the City Treasurer, Public Works Engineering, Planning and the Department of Information Technology.

This information typically includes:

  • Building Descriptions - including size, stories and year built (when known)
  • Building Image - included when available
  • Building Sketch - included when available
  • Land Data - including legal descriptions
  • Maps - provided by Department of Information Technology
  • Ownership and assessment history - including transfer dates and consideration
  • Tax Billing Information - provided by the Office of the City Treasurer
  • Zoning Information - provided by the Planning Department

Accessible Information

Under Virginia State law these records are public information and display of this information on the internet is specifically authorized by the Code of Virginia § 58.1-3122.2.

Any resale of this information is prohibited, except in accordance with a sublicensing agreement.