Opportunity Connect

Opportunity Connect Links individuals aged 14-24, families, and communities to resources and services when experiencing violence-related challenges, behavioral concerns, or any opportunity consistent with the department focus areas to benefit youth and young adults.

The Opportunity Connect team coordinates and promotes additional support for individuals 14-24, families, and communities addressing complex challenges through mentorship, life-skills management, workforce development, and community outreach.

Services Offered:

To apply for some of the individual and family services listed below, fill out the Opportunity Connect Individual and Family Assistance Request Form.

  •  Life Skill Management: Helping Youth and Young Adults set goals and develop plans to obtain skills needed to make positive choices at home, school, or the community. 


  • Mentorship: Match mentors throughout the community with young people who need or want a caring responsible adult who understands the challenges the mentee faces. 


  • Workforce Development: Assist and equip eligible youth and young adults 16-24 to earn money, set career goals, and gain skilled training.


  • Family Support: Helping families improve resilience and parenting skills or gain financial assistance to mitigate the impacts of gun-related violence. 

To request burial assistance for a Hampton youth or young adult who has lost their life as a result of gun violence, please fill out the Opportunity Connect Burial Assistance Form.


  • Education or Pro-Social Activity Support: Offering financial support for eligible youth and young adults to achieve academically or participate in positive alternatives to drug, gang, or gun violence to include but not limited to pro-social activities, fine and performing arts, and other clubs, organizational out-of-school time activities. (Community Groups can also apply for funding for group fieldtrips, neighborhood events and activities to reclaim public spaces) 

    To apply for the activity and program support described above, fill out the Opportunity Connect Activity, Program, or Event Support Request Form.


  • Counseling: Linking individuals and families to professionals providing assistance and guidance in resolving personal, social, or psychological challenges.