Adopt-A-Spot Beautification Program

The Adopt-A-Spot Beautification Program includes an opportunity to beautify entryways, plant beds, planters, and other areas as approved by the City of Hampton, and as agreed upon by Parks, Recreation & Leisure Services, Public Works, and/or School Principals, as applicable. 

Submit an application

The information provided in the application must include the exact location of the proposed adoption site, with a photo of the site as it currently exists. The proposal must outline the proposed beautification efforts and maintenance plan, including: 

  • Discussion of the steps taken to discuss the project with the City department responsible and, if applicable, neighboring property owners. 
  • Plant bed or planter size.
  • Proposed plants (native, non-invasive plants required, plants lists are available online at Plant HR Natives), including a sketch/drawing of the location of proposed plantings at the site.
  • Maintenance plan for the site, from implementation to end of commitment, including a commitment to organic integrated pest management strategies (a general maintenance guideline is available online).
    1. Maintenance shall take place on a regular basis as required to maintain the neatness and appearance of the site. This maintenance will vary based on the needs of the various seasons.
    2. Maintenance shall include weeding, planting, litter cleanup, mulching, trimming, and watering, as needed.
    3. Organic integrated pest management includes identifying pests (insects, weeds, diseases) and following best management practices as outlined by Hampton Community Gardens and the Virginia Cooperative Extension. Information is available at 2022 Pest Management Guide - Home Grounds and Animals
    4. The use of power tools is prohibited. 
  • Volunteer commitment (who will implement and maintain the project as needed for three years, anywhere from daily to monthly, depending on the season and the growth status of the planting).
  • Volunteer safety (how volunteers will be kept safe when participating in maintenance projects).
  • The proposal will be reviewed by HCCC staff and forwarded to the appropriate City department(s) and other public bodies, as needed, for technical review and approval. 
  • HCCC staff will communicate with the adopting individual or organization if additional information or modifications to the application are requested during the technical review process. 
  • HCCC staff will notify the adopting individual or organization regarding the outcome of the technical review. 

If the Application Is Approved

The adopting individual or organization will be notified by HCCC staff, an Adopt-A-Spot Beautification Program Agreement, including Terms and Conditions will be signed by the adopting individual/group and a City representative. Please note the Adopt-A-Spot approval is not final until the Agreement has been executed by the City. Additionally, the adopter will be provided with information about accessing supplies. Supplies can be ordered online

Reporting on Beautification Projects

The adopting group or individual is required to report beautification projects to the HCCC upon completion of each project by means of paper or online report forms. Photographs are appreciated and will be used for documentation and recognition, including placement on social media. Reports may be submitted online.