Finance Department STAR Awards Program

shooting starPURPOSE

The purpose of the Rewards and Recognition Program is to recognize employees for excelling in their job tasks by demonstrating the values and behaviors that are important to the Finance Department. This program is designed to reinforce positive behaviors, increase morale, enhance employee engagement and support employees as they produce results that are above and beyond normal job expectations.

The program is not a substitute for temporary promotions, competitive pay, or leave management, but instead serves as a tool to reward positive contributions to the city and the field of public service.

This program is a commitment to the department that we believe in rewarding quality performance, celebrating achievements, and showing appreciation to those who support the department.

Nominate an employee for a STAR Award here


The program is tiered into levels of STARS. The acronym stands for Stellar Team member Achieving Results Successfully. Each level has a set of criteria that must be met followed by a reward. The employee has a choice of one of the rewards listed. Nominations and how often the award may be granted is listed under each level of STAR.  

As the city already has some recognition procedures in place, we incorporated those programs while also adding department-funded options.

Award Levels

Shooting Star (lowest)


  • Excellent customer service
  • Completion of small team projects
  • Compliment for ‘reliable’ service, good job
  • Demonstrating values and behaviors

AWARD SELECTIONS (choose one reward)

  • 311 – Chick-Fil-A gift card
  • Dress Down Pass


  • Nominations can be submitted by a peer, a citizen, or another employee from a different department
  • No limit to how often a Shooting Star can be recognized

Rock Star


  • Support the completion of a major project/milestone
  • Take initiative and volunteer to assist on a project
  • Compliment for ‘outstanding job’ 
    • Acts above and beyond the employee’s job responsibilities 
    • Acts that require significant time, effort, and or resources 
    • Acts that show creativity in finding a solution for the customer

AWARD SELECTIONS (choose one reward)

  • Lunch under $25
  • 311-$25 Gift Card
  • 311-Catalog gift items (swag gifts)


  • Nominations can be submitted by a peer, a citizen, or another employee from a different department
  • Nominations will be reviewed monthly

Mega Star


  • Excellent leadership and initiative for task or project outside of daily role
  • Creating an innovative way of getting work done or process improvement

AWARD SELECTIONS (choose one reward)

  • 4 hours time-off w/pay
  • $50 gift card


  • Nominations can be recommended by the Director of the department or another Leadership Team member
  • Peers may nominate, however, it will be reviewed by the Leadership Team
  • Nominations will be reviewed monthly

Super Star (highest)


  • Performing dual roles successfully due to a promotion or loss of manpower
  • Spearheading the completion of a high-profile or significant project 
  • Completion of Certifications

AWARD SELECTIONS (choose one reward)

o    Achievement Award (following City policy and determined by the Finance Director)

o    8 hours time-off w/pay


  • Nominations can be recommended by the director of the department or another Leadership Team member.
  • Peers may nominate; however, it will be approved by the finance director.
  • Nominations will be reviewed monthly.

NOTE: All STARS will receive recognition in the Finance Newsletter, a Certificate, be placed on the STARS Wall, and recognition at the monthly staff meetings by the Director of Finance.  Each STAR recipient will also receive a custom lapel pin representing the STAR tier awarded.  If all STAR tiers are achieved, the recipient will receive an ALL-STAR custom lapel pin.  Rock STARs through Super STARs will be displayed on the monitor located on the first floor of City Hall.  If you receive all of the above tiers with


1.    When will the program begin?

The program will begin July 1, 2022.  The program will run on a fiscal year basis.

2.    Will the gifts be taxed?

Yes, IRS guidelines state we must charge taxes on the gifts value.  

3.    Are temporary employees eligible to obtain an award if they meet the qualifications of the program?

No, the program is designed for City employees only.  However, we do encourage recognition for anyone that is excelling and achieving results successfully.

4.      How often will the program be reviewed for effectiveness?

The program will be reviewed annually, and on an as needed basis.

5.    How do you nominate an employee?

In-person nominations: Nomination forms can be found in a basket at the “recognition wall.” Once completed, drop the form in the ballot box also located by the wall.

Online Nominations: Nominations can be submitted online here.