Lake Hampton and North Armistead Avenue

The Lake Hampton and North Armistead Avenue project will elevate the roadway and retrofit water management infrastructure at Lake Hampton. 

The specific goals of the project are to: 

  1. Reduce roadway flooding by elevating a half-mile stretch of the road by as much as 5.25 feet. The new road will be a minimum of 7.5 feet above sea level. 
  2. Improve stormwater management by increasing water storage capacity in Lake Hampton. 
  3. Improve community connectivity by creating approximately 1.25 miles of sidewalk and shared use path connected to Hampton’s existing Waterwalk Trail

The North Armistead Avenue road raising and roadside sidewalk and path installation will occur between Findley Street and the bridge over Newmarket Creek. Additional construction will occur around the full perimeter of Lake Hampton. 

Construction will begin first on Lake Hampton, expected in winter 2022, and will last several years.

Lake Hampton Aerial