Big Bethel Blueway

Bethel Blueway Aerial Render-01

The Big Bethel Blueway will transform an existing drainage canal into an innovative stormwater storage facility and public green space. 

The project will: 

  • Reduce flooding by adding 8.7 acre-feet of stormwater storage capacity in the canal. 
  • Improve community connectivity by creating 6,000 linear feet of publicly accessible walking and biking path


The Blueway will begin at the intersection of Big Bethel Road and Albany Drive. From there, it follows the existing canal south past West Mercury Boulevard to just before the canal intersects with Newmarket Creek.


The city has completed engineering designs for the project to 65%. We are sharing details on those designs, and seeking public questions and comments about the project in fall 2021. Construction will begin as early as spring 2022.