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The Resilient Hampton Initiative has worked in multiple phases to implement the living with water approach across the City. Throughout this effort, the Initiative has approached our work at multiple scales, from looking at policy and process changes that influence resiliency across the City, to supporting plans and projects designed to create benefits for a whole neighborhood, to identifying opportunities to support individual homeowners to increase their resilience.

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Resilient Hampton Plans 

Phase I: Citywide 

In 2017, the city completed an 18-month planning process and published Hampton’s citywide plan for resilience, Living with Water Hampton: A Holistic Approach to Addressing Sea Level Rise and Resiliency. This plan frames the challenges of water; establishes guiding principles, values and goals for responding to those challenges; and identifies citywide and watershed-level strategies to live with water. 

Next steps identified from this work included developing a resiliency component of the existing Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) with Joint Base Langley-Eustis Air Force Base (JBLE). With funding from the Department of Defense Office of Economic Adjustment, the city began that process together with JBLE in 2017. The resulting JLUS Resilience Addendum analyzes how JBLE can remain mission-ready in the face of increased risk of sea level rise and recurrent flooding. It provides 29 recommendations for further work to undertake to make sure the base remains active and resilient.

Phase II: Watershed Level 

A pilot process in the Newmarket Creek watershed is the first of a series of efforts to create watershed-level plans and projects for resilience under Phase II of Resilient Hampton’s work.

Newmarket Creek. Building upon Phase I, our pilot in the Newmarket Creek Watershed created the Newmarket Creek Water Plan and Atlas, published in 2020. This plan prioritizes and recommends specific projects designed to a conceptual level to establish scope, benefits and cost. It also identifies partnerships and opportunities to leverage funding. With proceeds from the first environmental impact bond in Virginia, Hampton is now designing and implementing projects envisioned in the Newmarket Creek Water Plan. 

Downtown Hampton, Phoebus, and Buckroe. In spring 2021, Hampton launched its second watershed-level process to identify resilience opportunities in Downtown, Phoebus, and Buckroe. This planning effort is ongoing, and you can learn more about the work to date and opportunities to contribute to the process online at our plan webpage, or get a quick summary in our plan overview. This plan will replicate the successes of the Newmarket Creek Water Plan, while designing for the unique characteristics and conditions of three cultural, historic, and economic hubs in our city.

May 2022 Community Meeting. On May 18, 2022, the city and consultants held a community meeting to present an update on the plan. You can access the slides from that meeting, as well as data maps and initial strategies. We are collecting questions and feedback on the work via this online form

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