Peninsula Cares Act Funds (PCAF)

The cities of Hampton and Newport News are working together to assist small businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The Peninsula Cares Act Fund (PCAF) was created to provide direct loans in amounts not to exceed $375,000, with flexible rates and terms, to coronavirus-impacted small, for-profit, businesses located in either Hampton or Newport News.  The minimum loan amount is $7,500.  Some of the allowable lending activities that may be undertaken with the PCAF loan include acquisition of machinery and equipment, working capital (including inventory), marketing, facility remediation, and cleanup costs.  Generally, all for-profit businesses can apply excluding adult entertainment/adult-use businesses.

Program Overview

Current Status:  NOT OPEN 

What does this program do?

The Peninsula Cares Act Fund offers small for-profit businesses located in either Hampton or Newport News to receive loans of a minimum of $7,500 and up to $375,000. 

How can I use the loan funds?

  • Acquisition and installation of machinery and equipment 
  • Building rehabilitation costs
  • Certain refinancing of existing loans (1) 
  • Facility remediation and cleanup costs
  • Gap financing
  • Infrastructure costs
  • Marketing
  • Other costs contributing to the value of a project's fixed assets, such as sales and use taxes, and interest on interim construction financing
  • Working capital, including inventory

(1) Refinancing of existing loans shall only be considered in situations where the business could potentially be forced to cut back or close without PCAF loan assistance.


  • No adult entertainment businesses are eligible to apply.
  • No proceeds will be used to assist a business to relocate from one city to another.

If you are a small business located in Newport News, please visit to complete their application online.