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coronavirus enews red bg blankThe Hampton Sheriff`s Office is committed to assessing every precaution to ensure the health and safety of our employees, visitors, contractors, inmates, and their families in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We support and will continue to implement, processes necessary to mitigate risks to the spread of the virus. Sheriff B.J. Roberts and the Hampton Sheriff`s Office would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation.  

Information Updates

Sheriff’s Office updates can be found on this page. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us by email or by phone at 757-926-2540.


COVID-19 Case Information

Last updated: 9:15 a.m. Jan. 19, 2021. Updates will be made as cases are reported. 

Sheriff’s Office COVID-19 Case Information
















Access to Sheriff’s Office Facilities

Last updated: 11:18 a.m., June 10, 2020

Currently, volunteer and visitor access to Sheriff’s Office facilities is suspended.

Effective immediately, all individuals entering any Hampton Sheriff`s Office Facility are required to wear a face covering and maintain 6 feet of physical distance. Face coverings do not take the place of public health guidelines to maintain 6 feet of physical distancing, increase cleaning and sanitation, and wash hands regularly.

The following are exceptions:

  • Children under the age of 10
  • Communicating with a Hearing-Impaired Person and for which the mouth needs to be visible
  • Any person who has trouble breathing, is unconscious, incapacitated or otherwise unable to remove the mask without assistance
  • Persons with health conditions that prohibit wearing a face covering

Testing and Screening

Last updated: 11:18 a.m., June 10, 2020

  • All persons entering any Hampton Correctional Facility will be screened using infrared/temporal artery thermometers (forehead thermometers).
  • All inmates are screened during our formal headcounts using infrared/temporal artery thermometers (forehead thermometers).
  • All employees are required to complete the COVID-19 screening tool. All employees must assess their risk on a daily basis prior to reporting to work.
  • We are utilizing our COVID-19 Offender Screening Questionnaire and Medical Evaluation Tool to evaluate and monitor offenders’ health.

Inmate Programs, Visitation, and Telephone Services

Information updated: 8 a.m., Aug. 22, 2020

  • Inmate visitation is suspended with exception of attorneys. Visitations resumed Aug. 22 on a limited basis. Please see details in the Sheriff's Letter to the Public (PDF).
  • To help offenders connect with their loved ones during this time, the Hampton Sheriff`s Office has worked with Securus, the offender phone service provider, to provide inmates with two free phone calls per week beginning March 26, 2020, through Aug. 31, 2020. The two free calls will be applied to the first two calls the offender makes each week.
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Court Services

Information updated: 11:18 a.m., June 10, 2020

The Sheriff`s Office follows all orders, notices and procedures from local courts regarding emergency operations due to COVID-19. The Supreme Court of Virginia Orders of Judicial Emergency in Response to COVID-19 can be found on the state court website

Face coverings are required to enter the court buildings.

Inmate Health and Safety

Information updated: 11:18 a.m., June 10, 2020

  • The Sheriff’s Office developed a coronavirus screening process for all new arrestees. This includes temperature screenings and several targeted questions surrounding their activities and interactions over the past 14 days. Accommodations have also been made to quarantine any suspected individuals in designated cells.
  • In keeping with normal routine, we are dispensing soap and other toiletries to inmates and staff is directing inmates to wash their hands frequently. Inmates are also being shown training presentations daily on handwashing and other steps they can take to reduce the spread of the virus.
  • The Sheriff’s Office is also working to ensure that it is equipped with enough supplies to combat COVID-19 on a prolonged basis.
  • In the event of a suspected or confirmed case in our facility, we have an established protocol to test individuals for the virus and report cases to the CDC and the Virginia Department of Health immediately.


Information updated: 11:18 a.m., June 10, 2020

The Hampton Sheriff’s Office has been proactive in disseminating information and taking steps to prepare our employees, contractors, visitors, volunteers and inmates to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  HSO employees have been notified of our full COVID-19 plan and are being urged to notify their supervisors and stay home if they are feeling ill. Again, the education and training we are providing to our staff and inmates cover COVID-19 fundamentals and prevention measures, such as handwashing and social distancing.

As an added educational tool for inmates and staff, HSO has produced a series of presentations to address how to identify signs and symptoms, ways to prevent the virus’ spread and employee protocol surrounding COVID-19, which are aired across the facilities.


Information updated: 11:18 a.m., June 10, 2020

  • Our Pandemic Sanitation Plan is in place to make certain that all facilities ensure accurate sanitation during this pandemic while utilizing appropriate chemicals and approved personal protective equipment.
  • Our staff and inmates are vigorously cleaning the facilities and hand sanitation stations have also been installed throughout our facilities.


News Releases

March 27, 2020Staff Member Tested Positive for coronavirus COVID-19 (PDF)

Have general health questions about coronavirus or COVID-19? Call the Peninsula Health Department call center from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday-Friday: 757-594-7069.