History Explorer Trunks

Throughout the year, the Hampton History Museum offers tours and workshops on a variety of subjects geared toward various age groups and interests. Perhaps you can’t get away to the museum. We will send materials to you. You may borrow one of our traveling trunks for up to two weeks for free. The trunks include background information on each topic, replica artifacts, worksheets and activities for students, and SOL-based lesson plans for you to use. The trunks are perfect for classrooms, after-school programs, homeschoolers, churches, scouts, and other groups. We are offering trunks for the following topics: Virginia Indians, Revolutionary War, Civil War, and Civil Rights. Reserve a trunk.

Included in the trunk

  • Historic reproductions of tools, clothing, and other examples of material culture
  • Digital media, including music, films, and documents
  • Samples of goods, products or consumables
  • Books, articles, or other written materials 
  • Historic images

Trunks offered

Powhatan Indians 

Virginia Standards of Learning: VSOL VS.1a, VS.2d, VS.2e, Vs.2f

The Powhatan Indian Trunk contains examples of clothing, tools, and food items that were used for everyday life in Tidewater Virginia at the beginning of the 17th century.   The trunk also has examples of the natural resources that were used to manufacture these items.  The focus of this trunk is to explore how the Powhatan Indians related to the climate and their environment to secure food, clothing and shelter.  

Revolutionary War

Virginia Standards of Learning:  VSOL VS.5

The Revolutionary War trunk contains kid sized examples of the clothing, uniforms and equipment that would have been used by both militia and full time soldiers during the American Revolution.  With this trunk you can dress students in the basic uniforms of both soldiers to compare and contrast their equipment and role in the American Revolution.  

Civil War 

Virginia Standards of Learning: VSOL VS.7

Like the Revolutionary War Trunk our Civil War Trunk contains examples of clothing, uniforms and equipment that would have been used during the war.  In this trunk the focus is on comparing the equipment used by soldiers in both the United States Army and the Confederate States Army.

Civil Rights 

Virginia Standards of Learning: VSOL VS.9c, VS.9d

The Civil Rights Trunk contains clothing, books, music, and images that help explore the social and political events in Virginia that are linked to segregation, desegregation, massive resistance, and the broader civil rights movement in the United States.