R.I.S.E. Mentoring Program

RISEWhat is the R.I.S.E. Middle School Mentoring Program (R.I.S.E.)?

R.I.S.E. stands for Reach, Inspire, Support and Empower. This program will engage the community to develop positive and lasting relationships with 100 middle school students to promote academic and social success.

Which schools in Hampton have the R.I.S.E. Middle School Mentoring Program (R.I.S.E.)?

  • Andrews Pre K-8 School
  • Lindsay Middle School
  • Eaton Middle School
  • Syms Middle School
  • Tarrant Middle School

In what ways can my organization partner with R.I.S.E.?

  • Provide mentors
  • Provide incentives to encourage students’ participation in the program
  • Sponsor a R.I.S.E. School Kick-Off event or program celebration by providing refreshments

What are the benefits of becoming a partner with R.I.S.E.?

  • Provide an avenue for your members to be actively involved
  • Share your knowledge, wisdom and experiences
  • Assist schools with building ties to their surrounding community
  • Enhance the learning experiences and future opportunities of young people in R.I.S.E. schools

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are mentors subject to background checks?
    • Yes, to ensure the safety of our students and staff members, Hampton City Schools conducts background checks on all of its mentors. For this program, HCS is covering fees associated with the background check. All mentors must also complete the Child Protective Services Background Check form and other required forms used to pair the students and mentee.
  • Do mentors select their own assignments?
    • Mentors will be placed in schools to meet the needs of the students. The school will also consider the mentor’s skills, occupation, and the interests expressed by the organization.
  • Do mentors have to attend an orientation?
    • Yes. All who mentor must attend a volunteer orientation session to learn more about the school, expectations, general policies and vital information regarding working with students. Additional training related to social emotional learning competencies will be offered.

What are some of the Program Guidelines ?

  • All mentors must sign in and sign out in the Volunteer book in the school office.
  • All mentors must wear a badge (sticker) at all times while on school property during their visits.
  • Mentors should be treated with appreciation and respect.
  • Should mentors have any concerns, please contact the school’s principal.

What are some of the General Policies for mentors?

  • Confidentiality: Mentors are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of information relating to students, faculty and staff, or school business.
  • Dress Code: Varies depending on the assignment. However, mentors must remember that he/she is setting an example for the students.
  • Mentors should only meet individually with their assigned mentee.
  • As students depend on you, please notify the school when you are unable to attend a scheduled event.

For more information  on the R.I.S.E. Mentoring Program, please call 757-727-2730.