Phase II and Pilot Area

Resilient Hampton LogoAt the meeting where the Phase I report was endorsed, City Council selected the Newmarket Creek as the first pilot project area. Building upon Phase I, this next phase will result in a strategic plan for Newmarket Creek that prioritizes and recommends specific projects designed to a conceptual level to establish scope, benefits and cost, and to identify and develop partnerships and opportunities to leverage funding. Phase II outcomes will be aligned with Resilient Hampton’s identified values, goals, and guiding principles.  

Phase II includes:

  • An overall Newmarket Creek Water Plan, 
  • Conceptual project designs for the pilot area that will reduce flooding, improve environmental health, and support our neighborhoods,
  • An implementation plan to prioritize conceptual designs, as well as identify funding and partnership opportunities,
  • A community outreach and engagement plan to provide education and interest around resilience, and
  • Begin to test an evaluation tool that the city can use to determine how resilient a project is.

Beyond the items listed above, the Resilient Hampton Team is attending workshops and seminars, making connections, and finding partnerships to support our coastal community. The team has had the opportunity to work with multiple partners in higher education, non-profits, federal facilities (see our Joint Base Langley-Eustis Joint Land Use Study), and other local agencies to collect data, spread awareness and find funds to promote our effort.