Hurricane of Independence

A Little-Known Fact

Until recently it has been a little-known fact that, while American colonists were fighting with Great Britain for the right to govern themselves, a pair of devastating storms ripped through the colonies and Canada, killing 4,000 people. Details of these dramatic events, which occurred shortly after the Battle of Bunker Hill, appear in Historian Tony Williams book, Hurricane of Independence.

A Backdrop to the Revolutionary War

At the museum's April Port Hampton lecture, visitors had the opportunity to hear Mr. Williams' dramatic stories of these hurricanes - and of how they served as a backdrop to our nation's war for independence.

"The battering of those storms was something people simply had to work through, and to do their best to survive," Williams told the audience. "There were few other resources that were available to help. Besides, the attention of the colonists was consumed by matters of taxation and tyranny rather than the weather."

Port Hampton Lecture Series

The Port Hampton Lecture Series, which features historical presentations, takes place on the first Monday evening of each month at the museum. For information, call (757)727-1610.