Resilient Hampton

Resilient Hampton LogoResilient Hampton is a city-wide initiative to improve resilience. Resilience is the bolstering of a community’s inherent strengths in order to alleviate chronic stresses and enable recovery from extreme events and shocks in ways that make the community even stronger than before. For Hampton, some of the extreme events we may face include hurricanes and nor’easters. Chronic stresses may have a milder, but more frequent impact on everyday life, such as recurrent tidal flooding that blocks a road during high tide. Resilient Hampton tackles both of these issues, but in such a way that it is also improving residents’ quality of life, economic viability, and environmental health. This is accomplished through the implementation of value-driven solutions that also have multiple benefits.

Read more about our community-defined values and guiding principles in our Resilient Hampton Phase I report, which was endorsed by City Council on Jan. 24, 2018. 

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