Current Efforts

Resilient Hampton LogoPhase I concluded with the following list of next steps for the city and its partners to tackle:

  • Continue to work with Langley Air Force Base to develop a resiliency component to the existing Joint Land Use Study. This was completed in August 2018.
  • Identify one or two geographic “focus areas,” which will be the subject of the Phase II work. Phase II work will take a more detailed look at the identified geographic “focus areas” to apply what we have learned in Phase I. The goal for these areas will be development of a holistic set of strategies that can be implemented. Council has selected Newmarket Creek for this focus area, and Phase II work has begun. See below.
  • Amend the Hampton Community Plan to reflect the work of this document and incorporate the recommendations. This was completed in July 2018.
  • Undertake a comprehensive effort to review and amend city codes and ordinances to support the goals and objectives adopted into the Hampton Community Plan from this document.
  • Refine the evaluation tool as necessary and institutionalize its use as an integral part of decision making for public projects.
  • Pursue changes to legal frameworks at the state level, if necessary.
  • Set “resiliency targets” for the community and establish a process to track and measure our progress.
  • Continue to work with our partners to learn, share, innovate and advocate for regional progress on sea level rise and resiliency issues.
  • Work with our partners to develop a community education program which raises awareness with regards to the value of being a resilient community. Additionally, the education program will identify strategies and action items applicable to businesses, individual homeowners, institutions, and other stakeholders.
  • Establish and support a “Hampton Resilience Partnership” in order to create a formal structure to bring community, business, academic, and regional partners together on a formal basis to assist in moving our resiliency goals forward.

Phase II Pilot Area

At the meeting where the Phase I report was endorsed, City Council selected the Newmarket Creek area as the first pilot project. Staff is working with New Orleans-based consultants Waggonner and Ball to develop a high-level water plan for the creek, an education program, as well as implementation projects to slow, store, and divert water from Newmarket Creek. Learn more here.