Current Efforts

Resilient Hampton LogoPhase I concluded with the following list of next steps for the city and its partners to tackle:

  • Continue to work with Langley Air Force Base to develop a resiliency component to the existing Joint Land Use Study.
  • Identify one or two geographic "focus areas," which will be the subject of the Phase II work. Phase II work will take a more detailed look at the identified geographic "focus areas" to apply what we have learned in Phase I. The goal for these areas will be development of a holistic set of strategies that can be implemented.
  • Amend the Hampton Community Plan to reflect the work of this document and incorporate the recommendations.
  • Undertake a comprehensive effort to review and amend city codes and ordinances to support the goals and objectives adopted into the Hampton Community Plan from this document.
  • Refine the evaluation tool as necessary and institutionalize its use as an integral part of decision making for public projects.
  • Pursue changes to legal frameworks at the state level, if necessary.
  • Set "resiliency targets" for the community and establish a process to track and measure our progress.
  • Continue to work with our partners to learn, share, innovate and advocate for regional progress on sea level rise and resiliency issues.
  • Work with our partners to develop a community education program which raises awareness with regards to the value of being a resilient community. Additionally, the education program will identify strategies and action items applicable to businesses, individual homeowners, institutions, and other stakeholders.
  • Establish and support a "Hampton Resilience Partnership" in order to create a formal structure to bring community, business, academic, and regional partners together on a formal basis to assist in moving our resiliency goals forward.

Joint Land Use Study Update

Work is currently underway to complement and extend the Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) with Langley Air Force Base to include resiliency. Consultant firm Waggonner & Ball were selected to head this effort as well.

Phase II Pilot Area

At the meeting where the Phase I report was endorsed, City Council selected the Newmarket Creek area as the first pilot project. Once the JLUS work is complete, staff and consultants will dive into this geographic area and begin discussing specific projects and locations that can be implemented at different scales ranging from individual homes and lots to neighborhoods or the entire City.