Fox Hill Neighborhood Center

The city purchased the former Cornerstone Church at 65 Hall Road, which will become the new Fox Hill Neighborhood Center. It will replace a recreation center in Grundland Creek Park that was destroyed by a 2014 tornado.

Neighborhood centers are smaller than community centers and typically serve a smaller geographic area. In addition, the surrounding community and community groups are more involved in governance, programming and activities at the center.

When will it open?

Renovations will be needed before the neighborhood center can open. Meetings are being held to refine the priorities of the neighborhood. After those priorities are clarified, renovations will begin.

How was this site picked?

A community process was used to select a new site, including public meetings. The prevalence of wetlands in the Fox Hill area complicated the search. Land use analyses of several sites were conducted to determine the suitability of constructing a new neighborhood center. Information on past reports and meetings:


If you have questions about this project, contact Brian DeProfio, assistant city manager, at 727-6064 or email

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