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Armistead Pointe Park


Buckroe Park


Chesapeake Bay Preservation


Fort Monroe

The Fort Monroe Authority and National Park Service are both undergoing master planning processes. For more information on their master planning efforts, see here and here.

Fort Monroe Land Use Plan

On April 13, 2016, the City of Hampton adopted an amendment to the Hampton land use plan through Comprehensive Plan Amendment 16-00001 to reflect the closure of Fort Monroe as a military installation and the reuse of portions of the property for mixed-use development.  The plan amendment recognizes the establishment of the Fort Monroe National Monument, identifies a new mixed-use community with private land ownership, and recommends the preservation of the historic and natural resources found on the Fort Monroe property.  Policy recommendations are made in these key areas:

  • Governance & Regulatory Structure
  • Historic & Cultural Significance
  • Recreational Resources
  • Environmental Resources
  • National Monument Gateway
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Housing Opportunities
  • Land Use
CPA 16-00001  was accompanied by rezoning the Fort Monroe property and amending the Hampton zoning ordinance to further support the closure and reuse process.  A poster style plan amendment may be viewed here.

Hampton Bicycle Facilities


Newmarket Creek Park & Trail Master Plan